REDwire Metal cylinder finishing company reaps the benefits of Exel North America's automated paint systems

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Exel North America can create fully automated and highly efficient painting systems.

Exel North America can help customers transition from manual spray processes to fully automated systems. One example is a customer with a turnkey cylinder finishing business. 

The challenge

The customer has a paint facility that performs epoxy primer and urethane top coating on metal cylinders. The cylinders range in size from five to 80 inches, with diameters from one to eight inches. This business manages JIT paint production for nine manufacturing plants and more than 50 outside vendors, and is committed to providing a reliable 72-hour turnaround, so the solution had to offer high efficiency.  

The existing process used a manual electrostatic spray system. The customer was seeking a way to gain paint savings, increase output and achieve more uniform paint films.

To meet these needs, an automated system was designed, tested and installed. It included Sames PPH 308 electrostatic bell applicators mounted on RFV 2000 dual-axis reciprocators with Cyclomix Experts installed to meter mix the material. The solution also incorporated gear flow control systems and PLC controls to create a fully automated system.

System components

The PPH 308 bell applicator offers versatility and high transfer efficiency (above 80 per cent in certain conditions). It is a high-speed rotary atomizer outfitted with a Sames magnetic air bearing turbine, and is available with a wide selection of shaping air shrouds and cups that allow the spraying of all types of materials.

The RFV 2000 is an electronically controlled reciprocator that consists of a vertical frame set into a wheeled base for ease of movement. The frame acts as a vertical rolling track for a carriage that holds and moves the applicators. It features simple design for long service life, low maintenance and easy installation.

The result

This solution reduced the customer's paint consumption by approximately 50 per cent, made more uniform film builds, and improved first time product yield. According to the customer, Exel North America also conducted training that was essential to production uptime.

For more information on how Exel North America can help with upgrading to an automated system, visit the company's website.



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