REDwire The Megger transformer test van offers a complete solution for maintenance checks

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The Megger test van can perform routine and advanced diagnostics.

Power transformers and substations require periodic on-site maintenance checks to ensure safe and uninterrupted operation. Megger can make these checks faster and easier with its van-mounted testing solution.

Testing capabilities

The Megger transformer test van can perform on-site condition assessments with automated test circuit arrangement and switching process. The vehicle is equipped with a number of instruments for both routine electric tests and advanced diagnostics, including HV test leads for insulation assessment, LV test leads for winding resistance and turns ratio, external safety box, HV cable, protective earthing cable, mains drum and fuse box, and switch box.

For instance, the van can perform high voltage insulation tests to identify deterioration of electrical insulation. It is also capable of frequency response analysis, winding resistance measurement, and on-load tap changer tests, which can be used to find mechanical damages, malfunctions and winding shorts. To guarantee high-quality maintenance, the van can perform check of ratio, vector group, no-load and short circuit loss after repairs. In addition, it is capable of oil breakdown tests and gas analysis.

All of these tests are controlled and recorded by a central computer using PowerDB software. Once each test is complete, the results are transferred automatically into a protocol. The software can calculate differences between measurements, and compare the results with the nameplate and data from previous tests.

Advantages offered

The Megger transformer test van can help reduce testing time because it offers instantaneous readiness for testing and quick results. The van also offers safe operation with user guidance through the tests and a safety system that monitors all safety-relevant parameters such as fast ramp voltages.  

To learn more about the company’s transformer test van, contact Megger.


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