REDwire Megger offers the portable and easy-to-use Motor and Phase Rotation Tester

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The Motor and Phase Rotation Tester ensures motors are never rotated in the wrong direction.

Megger Limited has a solution for complete phase-sequence and motor-rotation testing in one: the Motor and Phase Rotation Tester. This rugged and portable tester allows contractors and electricians to permanently connect and tape the terminals of a motor as it’s installed, with no need for a temporary connection to determine motor rotation.

Temporary hookups can be costly, time consuming and hazardous, especially when they involve many high-voltage motors. One of the risks involved with temporary hookups is rotating the motor in the wrong direction. With certain types of drives, this can do serious harm.

Test set features

The tester has a four-position switch to select the test to be performed, whether it’s motor rotation, system phase sequence or transformer polarity. When testing motor rotation or transformer polarity, the selector switch connects a D-size dry cell into the circuit. If it’s switched to the “OFF” position, the meter and battery are disconnected from all circuits. To open the circuit during transformer polarity testing, a push switch is connected in series with the battery.

The tester has three motor leads on the left side that connect to the motor being tested. Fuses are incorporated in the test leads for safety in case a user accidentally touches them to an energized circuit. They are standard fuses that are panel mounted and easy to remove and replace. On the right side of test set, there are three leads that can be directly attached to an energized AC power system up to 600 volts to test the phase sequence.

The test set also has a DC zero-center ammeter that indicates whether rotation or polarity is correct. The ammeter is provided with a zero or null adjuster.


This tester makes it easy to ensure a motor will rotate in the correct direction when energized. It offers a positive way to identify the leads of a disconnected polyphase motor, as well as the true phase sequence. In addition, it can be used to find the polarity of transformers, the phase and polarity of multiple-winding motors, and for continuity testing in circuits. 

For more information, visit the company’s website.


Megger Limited

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