REDwire Megger offers portable appliance testers that simplify safety testing

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Portable appliance testers from Megger offer quality and reliability.

Product safety standards are paramount in today’s competitive electronic development industry. Whether it’s for consumers or professionals, any new electric product on the market is required to meet strict standards by government initiatives. Megger offers a range of sophisticated testing equipment for electrical products, in response to ever-growing industry requirements.

Electrical safety testing instruments from Megger are known for quality and reliability, which is essential when dealing with human safety. That’s why Megger instruments are one of the most commonly chosen solutions to ensure compliance and performance. They are the ideal choice for testing to safety and OSHA standards.

Portable appliance testers

Portable appliance testers are available for testing electric tools and other portable electrical equipment for safety. One example is the PAT320 portable appliance tester. This unit provides a simple, easy-to-use solution for portable appliance testing. It can perform a number of tests, including ground bond testing, as well as differential, touch and substitute ground leakage testing. The PAT320 can automatically perform all tests at the push of a button, or they can each be performed individually for fault diagnostics applications.

Also available is the PAT450 portable appliance tester. It features an on-board memory for up to 10,000 test results. This unit also features a large, backlit, full colour screen, selectable pass/fail limits, three bond testing currents with high duty cycle, and the capability to work with standard barcode scanners.

Another option for appliance testing is the Tool and Appliance Tester. This instrument can perform the three most common electrical safety tests for tools and appliances, and meets UL and ANSI testing requirements. It is capable of testing for ground continuity, leakage current, electrical insulation and nameplate current rating.

More information

To learn more about the advantages of Megger’s appliance testers and its wide range of other test and measurement equipment, visit the company’s website.


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