REDwire Megger offers height meters for overhead power and telecom cables

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CHM Series meters from Megger offer simple, three-button operation.

CHM Series cable height meters, available from Megger, use ultrasonic technology to determine the height of up to six overhead cables and wires. These meters offer rapid measuring times, ease-of-use and portability, and there's no need for calibration or maintenance. They are ideal for measuring cable heights of telephone lines, transmission lines, distribution lines, street lights and more. 

CHM Series features

CHM Series meters offer simple, three-button operation, allowing new operators to take effective measurements with minimal training. In addition, the meters offer an inherently safe way to take measurements, as there is no need to make a physical connection to cables or wires. These hand-held devices also feature a lightweight, compact size and portability. 


These meters are capable of measuring cables up to 23 metres (75 feet). They will measure the height of the lowest cable, and can display the spacing between the next five cables. The company offers models designed specifically for power applications (CHM 600 and CHM 600E) and telecommunications applications (CHM 2000). On construction sites, they can provide an easy way to ensure compliance with regulations for overhead clearance. In addition, they are ideal for safely measuring cable heights on congested roadways.

How they work

To measure the height of cables, the meter emits a short burst of sound and measures how long it takes to reflect back. To account for the impact of air temperature on the speed of sound, the meter uses a temperature sensor and incorporates that data into the calculation. The device can then display the measurement in metres or feet and inches.  

For more information on CHM Series cable height meters, contact Megger.


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