REDwire Megger makes relay testing easy with the STVI handheld controller

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Megger's STVI features a large, high resolution, full colour, HD TFT LCD screen.

Megger offers an advanced handheld controller for SMRT and MRPT 1 relay test systems. The Smart Touch View Interface (STVI) is the second generation of Megger controllers, and it is designed for quick and easy steady-state and dynamic testing.

Easy to use

The STVI features a large, high resolution, full colour, HD TFT LCD screen. It uses an intuitive touch-screen interface and has a built-in stand for one-handed operation. The controller is ergonomically designed for right- or left-handed operation. Relay testing can be performed using the manual or sequencer test screens, in addition to built-in preset routines for testing most popular relays.

Versatile capabilities

The STVI offers a range of testing capabilities, including overcurrent relay testing with IEC, IEEE and hundreds of built-in time-curves for specific relays. The controller can also perform automatic ramp, pulse ramp, binary search and pulse ramp binary search for pickup and dropout testing.

The unit uses Power Over Ethernet (POE) operation with a standard Ethernet cable. For saving tests and test results, the STVI has non-volatile built-in data storage. The test results can be transferred to a PC via a USB port.

Megger selection

Megger offers a range of protection testing products. This equipment is designed for high precision and accurate results. For instance, the Megger SMRT1 relay test set is the most powerful testing device available. It offers a high power output and accuracy that is suitable for lab use, but is portable and ruggedly built for field use.

Some of the other products available include multi-phase relay testers, relay test and management software, primary current injection testers, current supply units and digital timers.

For more information, visit the Megger website.


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