REDwire Megger keeps electricians safe with its range of accessories

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Accessories from Megger help make electricians work easier and safer.

Megger can supply a variety of electricians’ accessories that make it easier to get the job done and stay safe. They include a range of voltage detectors, Piezo verifiers and phasing testers.

Accessory selection

One example of the electricians’ accessories available is the VF3 non-contact AC voltage detector. This is a compact, pen-style instrument. It features capacitive detection, an automatic audible warning buzzer, and a bright red LED voltage indicator to identify the presence of live AC voltages. It will warn users when AC voltages from 90 to 600 volts at 50 or 60 Hz are detected. The VF3 also has a built-in ultra bright LED torch. The high efficiency of the LEDs provides extended battery life.

To ensure voltage detectors are working properly, Megger offers Piezo verifiers such as the 510006 high-voltage model designed for both single- and two-pole detectors. This unit consists of a very small Piezo generator with a case made from insulating material. It offers three selectable outputs: 10 kV, 20 kV and 30 kV. The unit is operated using a moulded handle.

Some detectors offer self-testing capabilities, such as Detex voltage detectors. They are available in seven models for use on any grounded electrical system. These detectors incorporate a built-in piezoelectric voltage source for self-testing at the push of a button. That means the operator can easily check that the detector is working properly before use. The various models available cover everything from distribution class to transmission line voltages up to 550 kV.

Also available are five models of Detex phasing testers for grounded or ungrounded AC system checks. They are capable of checking high-voltage fuses, correct phase connections and absence of high voltage. They are suitable for applications up to 69-kV class systems.

More information

For additional details on the wide range of electricians’ accessories available, visit the Megger Limited website.


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