REDwire Megger cable fault location systems offer accuracy and versatility

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The SG15/25 series power cable fault locator systems are designed to provide a fast, reliable fault locating performance.

Cable fault location systems provide quick, effective, accurate and safe fault location to reduce system outages and downtime. They are critical tools for power applications.

Megger offers a full range of cable fault locating instruments. Its SG15/25 series power cable fault locator systems, for example, are designed to provide a fast, reliable fault locating performance, easily — walking users step by step through the process. 

The SG15/25 offers a complete fault locating approach — hipot testing, fault prelocating and pinpointing. It is typically used on 15/25 kV URD circuits, which are made of solid dielectric cables (XLPE, EPR) that are three to five km long, with a conductor size of up to 250 mm2. The units feature a tough, high-quality stainless steel enclosure that is rated IP64 (closed) and IP53 (open) for use in rough outdoor environments. They are available either mounted on a heavy-duty portable hand cart or permanently installed in a vehicle.

Another option, the PFL Series, provides a versatile, portable solution for advanced identification, prelocation and pinpointing of cable faults on a wide variety of cable types. The PFL22M1500 performs DC insulation testing up to 20 kV and 8/16kV arc reflection with 1500 joules surge output, arc reflection plus, differential arc reflection and impulse current and pulse echo modes of fault prelocation. 

The Surgeflex 32 is another mobile system for testing and fault locating; however, this model is ideal for low and medium voltage cables. The powerful ARM (Arc Reflection Method) is used for prelocation of high resistance faults up to 32 kV.

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