REDwire Meet all non-combustible building codes with ease using the ESS 100+ wall system

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Demountable walls from Excess Space Solutions meet non-combustible construction requirements.

The ESS 100+ demountable wall assembly from Excess Space Solutions offers all the qualities of a permanent structure. That includes durability, attractive finishes, and complete electrical packages. In addition, the ESS 100+ wall assembly provides the safety features that are essential in many facilities, whether industrial, commercial or corporate. For instance, this modular wall system is built to meet all non-combustible building code requirements as standard.

Non-combustible requirements

The National Building Code of Canada sets the standards relating to fire safety in the design of buildings. The standards identify a number of design measures that are all aimed at one goal: protecting occupants in the event of a fire. One measure used to achieve this goal is the use of non-combustible materials for structural components, interior finishes and exterior cladding. 

Industrial facilities, in particular, pose a higher risk for fires if they deal with flammable or explosive substances. That’s why it’s important to work with companies like Excess Space Solutions that offer solutions designed to meet all non-combustible building code requirements.

Products from Excess Space Solutions

Excess Space Solutions’ products not only offer safety, but they offer flexibility. Its buildings, partitions, walls and offices are fast to install, and easy to reconfigure or relocate at any time. They are available with many optional features, including ventilation systems, spill containment flooring, and explosion proof electrical equipment. 

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