REDwire Mechanical fasteners: the nuts and bolts behind what makes or breaks them

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Fasteners including nuts, bolts, drive bits, washers and grommets at first glance have a humble presence but play an integral role in the operation of demanding, industry grade machinery.

Mechanical fasteners are hardware components used to join one part to another, which has the main function to transfer load of the two or more objects.

While there is an array of fasteners such as screws, nuts, bolts, rivets, pins and clips, there is one main culprit for fastener failure: fastener fatigue.

Corrosion, cracking, overload, fretting and even improper manufacturing and installation can all lead to fasteners buckling under the stress to perform at its peak.

Fasteners including bits, washers and grommets at first glance have a humble presence, but they play an integral role in the A+ operation of demanding, industry grade machinery.

Not all fasteners are built equal. Here are three key factors to consider in making sure that your fasteners are built to last.

Quality of Material

Material selection is vital based on the function, location and size of the fasteners. Fasteners are typically manufactured using three main types of steel: alloy steel, carbon steel and stainless steel.

Depending on the equipment specifications and amount of load required, the integrity of the fasteners will last longer and perform better under various climate conditions.

Temperature Control

Will the fasteners be inside equipment that is used in a colder or warmer climate? Will the fasteners be treated using external heating processes or internal cooling ones?

Low and high temperatures affect the quality of how fasteners perform in tandem with its moving parts. To improve its dependability, ensure to conduct a failure test analysis to avoid fastener breakdown, which can lead to fastener failure.

Manufacturing Standards

Choosing the right manufacturer and supplier is critical in safeguarding against fastener failures of your equipment.

Consistent and proper design of these small but fundamentally important parts ultimately affects the operation and maintenance of your industry-grade machinery. Avoid excessive repair and replacement costs by getting the job done right the first time.

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