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Hytrol’s NSPEZ family of lineshaft-driven accumulation conveyors is available from McKessock Conveyor Solutions,

Hytrol is just one of a growing list of high-quality international suppliers represented across Canada by McKessock Conveyor Solutions, operating under the Norpak Handling banner. Among the many Hytrol innovations the company carries is the NSPEZ family of lineshaft-driven accumulation conveyors. Ideal for a wide range of material handling applications, from manufacturing and assembly lines to product distribution, NSPEZ conveyors are equipped with Hytrol’s patented EZLogic accumulation system, making them the most versatile lineshaft conveyors in the industry. 

Best-in-class features

NSPEZ conveyors consist of accumulation zones, each containing an EZLogic accumulation module, which senses product presence to determine whether the zone should be driving or accumulating. With EZLogic’s photoelectric sensing of product, this conveyor is reliable and trouble-free, even when conveying products with practically no weight. In fact, there is no minimum product weight for this conveyor.

The 190 NSPEZ is one model in this family of conveyors. It features 1.9-inch diameter rollers supplied on either two- or three-inch centres to meet the application requirements. Meanwhile, the 138 NSPEZ, available as a special order, is fitted with 1-3/8-inch diameter rollers on either 1-1/2- or three-inch centres. 

This family of conveyors gives users the ability to plug in intermediate zone stops in any zone, making it ideal for assembly lines containing operator workstations. Operators simply have to activate a zone stop contact for the next available product to stop for assembly, testing or inspection.
Another key feature is the continuous lineshaft, which allows for right-angle transfers to be slave driven without the cost of additional drives. Transfers are available in BR type or conveyor-to-conveyor type, as well as one direction or reversing. 

The flexibility to select different modes of operation — from singulation to slug mode — allows this conveyor to function both efficiently and reliably in many material handling systems. 

A leading supplier of conveyors

Hytrol’s NSPEZ family of lineshaft-driven accumulation conveyors is available from McKessock Conveyor Solutions, a leading provider of conveyors for more than 30 years. The company’s experienced staff is trained to help customers achieve their material handling goals, offering quality design, installation, service and expert advice. 

To learn more about Hytrol conveyors, contact McKessock Conveyor Solutions


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