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Thermo-Kinetics Measurement & Control Ltd.

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HercuLine actuators feature reliability, simplicity and a long service life.

Using actuators to position valves and dampers for process control can boost efficiency, minimize waste and reduce total cost of ownership. But to realize these benefits, it's important to choose reliable actuators from a quality manufacturer.

Thermo-Kinetics is an ideal source, as it can supply a range of actuators that feature long life and ease-of-use: HercuLine actuators from Honeywell.

HercuLine reliability

HercuLine actuators are well suited to demanding environments thanks to their durable construction and continuous-duty motors. That means they can eliminate unplanned outages and lower maintenance costs. In addition, these actuators can provide precise and repeatable performance over their entire lifespan due to their cutting-edge electronics.

Microprocessor-based electronics

The selection of HercuLine actuators includes Smart actuators, which utilize microprocessor-based electronics. This allows users to monitor diagnostic parameters such as total travel, maximum high and low temperature, and stall and accumulated stall time. These Smart actuators also allow programming of alarm and relay outputs, direction of rotation, characterization, failsafes, dead-band and filtering. They use HART or RS485/Modbus communications, so they can be accessed remotely.

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These actuators feature simplicity in terms of configuration, process monitoring and maintenance. They also offer responsive control that minimizes dead time and overshoot, as they can start or stop virtually instantaneously.

Various models are available to suit different applications. For instance, the HercuLine 10260 is ideal for a range of uses, including gas and air valves, burner tilt, reheat damper, boiler feed pumps and windbox dampers.

For more information on the actuators available, visit the Thermo-Kinetics website.


Thermo-Kinetics Measurement & Control Ltd.

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