REDwire Maximize the efficiency of repairs and part replacement with the Parker Tracking System

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The Parker Tracking System (PTS) is a component-tagging and tracking solution available from Wainbee. This valuable preventative maintenance solution can lower asset downtime by making necessary repairs faster and more accurate.

PTS advantages

Identifying hose assemblies for replacement can be difficult due to complicated hose routing and missing or outdated manuals. That's why often the only solution is to remove the part and bring it to a distributor to get the right replacement part.

PTS helps avoid this frustration and unnecessary downtime. The system uses a web-based app to generate an identification code for each hose assembly or tagged asset. These codes are then printed on durable barcode or RFID labels. The labels are designed to stand up to harsh chemicals, UV, temperatures and other demanding conditions.

This system makes it fast and easy to identify products. Replacement parts can be acquired using just the PTS ID number, so there is no need to remove hoses or machine parts before replacement. The result is increased machine uptime and repairs that can be more conveniently scheduled.

Additional features

Every PTS label has standard date marking to identify the date of manufacture, which can be valuable for warranty or maintenance purposes. PTS also offers a configurable Asset Integrity Management module, which enables users to set schedules for inspection or replacement.

Another feature is the powerful reporting tool that allows any data entered into PTS to be quickly retrieved. For instance, users can search through historical data to analyze part performance. The reporting tool enables these customized reports to be easily exported.

Ideal users

PTS offers many advantages to both OEM/enterprises and owner/operators. For owner/operators, it helps boost productivity, efficiency and reliability by focusing on critical components. For OEMs, the system optimizes manufacturing and maintenance processes through customization and integration with existing ERP systems. The critical data it provides can be used to maximize equipment performance.

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