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Rotem can supply the ideal tools and coolants for deep hole drilling.

Gun drilling is a machining process that was originally developed for manufacturing rifle and gun barrels. While it is still used for this application, the process has also been adopted in a range of other industries, from automotive and aerospace to construction and manufacturing.

Also known as deep hole drilling, this process offers a number of advantages over other drilling methods.

The benefits

Firstly, it offers high accuracy for applications that require precise roundness and straightness. It also offers the ability to drill deep holes in a single pass with lower cost and labour requirements. In addition, there is often no need for secondary finishing, as guide pads used in the process will burnish the hole. Lastly, gun drill tips can be reground for extended tool life.

The details

The deep hole drilling process involves using tools with specially designed shank shapes, carbide cutting edges and internally fed coolant. Coolant is delivered to the cutting edge through a hole in the tool, which provides lubrication and flushes chips through a groove or flute. While drilling, guides on the tool head burnish the hole.

Deep hole drilling can provide superior precision when compared to other drilling methods. However, there are a number of factors that can affect the accuracy and quality of the results. They include pressure, speeds and feeds, fluid volume, drill condition, shank sharpness, lubricity and fluid viscosity.

When performing gun drilling using non-dedicated equipment such as CNC machines, it is important to ensure the desired volume of coolant is delivered to the point of cut.

The tools and fluids

Rotem Industrial Products can provide the ideal tools and coolants for deep hole drilling. The company supplies a wide range of holemaking solutions, including Canada's largest inventory of tools from Allied Machine & Engineering Co., and industrial fluids from Master Chemical.

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Rotem Industrial Products Inc

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