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Maxibands use a tubular element and aluminum shoes to offer temperature uniformity.

Process Heaters can supply the Maxiband line of band heaters, which are known for their durability and trouble-free service. These band heaters are expertly designed and ruggedly built for exceptionally long life. As a result, they have become a popular choice for use with plastic injection moulding machines, extruders, blow moulding equipment and more. The long lasting, low maintenance design ensures these band heaters will significantly reduce downtime and labour costs when compared to less efficient options that are prone to burn out.

Maxiband design and construction

Maxiband heaters consist of tubular elements that are pressed into aluminum shoes. This design provides high strength and temperature uniformity. In addition, the high thermal conductivity of aluminum provides these heaters with rapid cooling cycles.

Maxiband heaters are made in sets. Each half includes one tubular heating element and one aluminum track segment. To keep the halves securely together, the heaters have a built-in hinge that makes handling and installation easy. A terminal box provides excellent protection for the bare post terminals, ensuring electrical safety.

Maxiband features

A number of optional features are available with Maxibands. For instance, they are available with quick disconnect plug assemblies for a simple and safe way to apply power. Also, there are multiple options for lead length, orientation and protective coverings.

Other features include the ability to be installed inside a roller or pipe, as the rigidity of the Maxiband construction makes these band heaters perfect for inside out bands. Lastly, Maxibands can also provide a liquid cooling function, in addition to their normal heating purpose.

To learn more about Maxibands or the wide range of other heaters available, visit the Process Heaters website.


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