REDwire Matritech uses the latest design software with synchronous technology

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Matritech uses Solid Edge software to perform efficient design services.

Matritech is one company that demonstrates the many benefits of using advanced computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) software. The company manufactures metal parts for all types of applications, from electronics and medical equipment to trucks and recreational vehicles.

Matritech prides itself on its commitment to on-time delivery. To make its design and engineering services as efficient as possible, the company uses advanced software such as Autocad, Master Cam X4 and Solid Edge ST2.

Integrated design

One of the major benefits of using the latest CAD and CAM software is the ability to easily import customer CAD files, work with them, and then use the CAD data as the source for CNC programs controlling the production machines. This integrated practice has been used for a long time, but has been able to provide even greater time savings in recent years.

Synchronous technology

Matritech uses software that features synchronous technology. In contrast to history-based CAD systems, synchronous technology enables direct manipulation of objects. That means Matritech's designers can work with the CAD models sent in by customers without the need to know how they are constructed. In addition, this technology makes the software more intuitive, so operators can focus on designing instead of figuring out the software.

The benefits

After adopting synchronous technology, Matritech saw some significant improvements in design productivity. In comparison to history-based software, synchronous technology reduced the time needed for new designs by about 40 per cent. In addition, changes to existing CAD models now require about 30 per cent less time.

More information

Matritech performs a wide range of services in-house, such as custom design, engineering, tooling, stamping, machining, bending, welding, coating and assembly. Its customers require rapid turnaround, so the company is always seeking new ways to work more efficiently. For more information, visit the Matritech website.


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