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Matritech is outfitted with a range of computer-controlled machines for metal cutting and forming.

To get the best results when manufacturing any type of metallic part, choosing the appropriate cutting process is essential. Whether that’s laser cutting, punching, or a combination of the two, Drummondville, Que.-based Matritech can handle it.

The manufacturer is equipped with a variety of cutting equipment, so it can select the best option to meet its customer’s requirements.

Cutting processes

Matritech can perform laser cutting, which is perfect for making rounded forms. The process is highly efficient, as the laser cutter can automatically load and unload the material. The system also incorporates a large storage capacity with 36 drawers. This enables classing and itemizing up to 36 types of material, contributing to the company’s Material Requirements Planning (MRP) system. 

In addition, Matritech performs punch-cutting. This cutting method is ideal for products that require repetitive hole shapes, such as grills. The company’s punch-cutting capabilities also enable the bending and stamping of metal using special tools.

For the best of both worlds, the company can perform hybrid cutting, which combines both laser and punching technologies. The benefit of the hybrid cutting is versatility, as it offers practically limitless design possibilities.

All of these metal cutting processes are appropriate when working on prototypes, during the pre-production stage, or on products that do not justify the cost of producing dies. Besides these metal cutting methods, the company’s manufacturing capabilities also include design and production of dies and specialty tools, stamping and pressing, bending, mechanical welding, and assembly.


Matritech has been in operation since 1989. The company strives to forge and develop close, long-term relationships with both clients and leading partners. Matritech attributes its success to investments in human resources and technology. The company is also known for its reliability and competitive prices. 

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