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Laser cutting services from Matritech offer precise, high-quality results.

Matritech is a metal parts manufacturer that is known for its versatile capabilities. The company offers a full range of services, such as laser cutting, CNC punching, stamping, tooling, CNC machining, extrusion, welding and robotic bending.

Matritech’s manufacturing flexibility enables it to use the right processes to suit the project. To perform these services, the company continually invests in the best equipment available.

Take its metal cutting capabilities, for example. Matritech uses a variety of equipment to perform its cutting services. They include TruLaser automated laser cutting machines from Trumpf.

Equipment advantages

These laser cutting machines offer the benefits of high cutting speeds, exceptional cut quality and reliability. For instance, TruLaser machines are capable of cutting speeds up to 1,575 inches a minute, depending on the material. These machines can also automatically adjust laser power to provide very precise cutting, even for fine contours, without introducing too much energy into the material. Another benefit of these machines is the capability to change nozzles automatically. When a different cutting nozzle is required, the machine can remove the old one and insert a new one from a nozzle magazine.

Additional cutting processes

Matritech is equipped with a hybrid laser punching machine. This offers the benefits of high-speed punching to handle repetitive details, combined with the flexibility of a laser to handle complex shapes. In addition, the company uses a CNC punching machine that has an “X” and “Y” shear system.

With this equipment, Matritech can offer different cut finishes to suit the requirements, for everything from medical applications to the construction sector. For more information on the benefits of Matritech’s manufacturing services, visit the company’s website.


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