REDwire Matritech offers efficient manufacturing with its high-speed robotic bending cell

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Matritech's robotic bending cell offers exceptional speed.

Matritech routinely invests in new equipment to ensure it can offer customers the best metal parts manufacturing service available. In fact, the company has invested more than $15 million in fixed assets since its founding. One of its latest acquisitions is a robotic bending cell, the TruBend Cell 7000 from Trumpf.

TruBend Cell 7000

This robotic bending cell offers exceptional speed for the automated bending of small parts. It uses two gripping arms to take pieces that are laid flat, analyze them, perform the bending operation, and place the pieces on an automated conveyor. All of this is performed with incredible synchronization and efficient handling. Some of the benefits this provides to customers include reduced setup times, increased manufacturing speed, extremely low cost per part, and high precision for repetitive operations by avoiding human error.

The TruBend Cell can provide twice the output of a conventional bending cell due to its fast components and synchronized processes.

This robotic bending cell also features a high level of flexibility. For instance, it has an automated tool changer, which is ideal for handling small batches. In addition, the system pallets have a flexible arrangement of drop-in compartments, so it can supply the machine with up to 24 different parts.

To provide exceptional reliability, the robot has a tool identification system that detects the correct tool type and its position, eliminating tool setup mistakes. An integrated sensor measures sheets optically and transfers them to the exact position required for bending.

Matritech services

Matritech offers a complete range of metal parts manufacturing services, all under the same roof. They include laser cutting, CNC punching, stamping, tooling, CNC machining, robotic welding, extrusion, assembly, coating and more. The company’s one-stop shop capabilities allow it to offer the manufacturing processes that are best suited to a particular project. In addition, the company can offer customers simplified purchasing management and lower total cost of ownership.

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