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Telescoping cantilevered extendable conveyors can be used to transport products to the warehouse.

Wecon Systems combines experience with innovation to produce high-quality material handling systems for warehouse operations. Locally owned and operated in Mississauga, Ont., for more than 17 years, the company works with customers from across Canada and the United States to develop solutions — using advanced design tools and programming — that best suit their needs. 

Wecon’s product line includes belt conveyors, flexible conveyors, pallet conveyors, gravity chutes and vertical reciprocating lifts, to name a few — key equipment required to automate warehousing systems

Telescoping cantilevered extendable conveyors, for example, can be used to transport products to the warehouse. Single- and double-boom conveyors suit small delivery vans and standard tandem trailers. Triple-boom conveyors often provide the best value for warehouse applications, and suit standard trailers up to 57 feet long. Four- and five-boom conveyors are required for longer trailers and for applications with limited dock space.

These conveyors consist of a fixed main section, an extending telescoping boom section, a conveyor belt and drive, and controls. All exposed parts of the conveyors are designed to prevent injury: sharp edges are rounded, the conveyor is grounded, and the forward end of the conveyor has a safety plate so that the boom stops automatically if it contacts any resisting object or person.

Wecon also offers installation and repair services, and always works within budget and on schedule. 

“We are very proud of our entire team. Every employee, from application specialists and project managers to programmers and production staff, brings a great deal of experience and knowledge so that we can provide you with the very best service and products,” the company says.

Contact Wecon Systems to learn how its products can help automate your warehouse operations. 


Wecon Systems Ltd.

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