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Vertical Storage Carousels is one of the many automated storage and delivery system solutions used for all types of industrial material handling equipment applications.

Vertical storage carousels are one of the many automated storage and delivery system solutions manufacturers are capitalizing on to promote maximum efficiency and productivity for all types of industrial material handling applications.

See how vertical storage carousels can also maximize your supply chain management or warehouse management system.

Boost your business’ productive power

Reduce operator fatigue: because of the automated carousel system, materials are directly delivered, increasing operator efficiency by nearly three times, thanks to a reduction of bending, climbing, reaching and walking heavy objects.

The vertical storage carousel dual-access option also provides versatility with front, rear and multiple floor access for more than one operator to use at a time.

Diminish downtime: the development of the pass-through design cuts the time it takes to transport items to and from multiple floors. Point-of-use carousel technology eliminates multiple trips to the stockroom, keeping the proximity between parts and the workspace area as minimal as possible.

Go on cruise control (or not)

Manual or automatic controls: Override job buttons allow operator to select manual or automated machine control; the advanced inventory management and control interface provides alternatives for selecting the shortest path in a retrieval system to enhance speed and efficiency.

Safe and sound work is the order of the day

Made-to-order: lessen the chance of operator back strains, slips or falls from climbing ladders to retrieve heavy or bulky boxes; specially ergonomic design of the carousel is fitted to operator(s) waist measurements to ensure stable and safe mobility.

Vertical carousel technology 2.0: advanced safety features including photo-eyes, lower/upper pressure and maintenance door limit switches and motor overload sensors keep track of operators’ safety when unexpected or unsafe situations occur.

Increase space and decrease clutter

Use the floor for walking not storing: vertical carousels are proven space-savers with up to 75% floor space recovery versus traditional cumbersome, static storage solutions

Load it and forget it: select vertical storage solutions that offer dual-chain guidance systems with triple the carrier depths, clear heights and widths, along with a capacity of up to 2,200 pounds.  

Footloose and fancy free: thanks to vertically-constructed shelves, dividers and extendable pullout drawer systems, aisles remain clutter-free, minimizing injuries on the work area floor.

Visit McKessock Conveyor Solutions Limited to learn more about our vertical storage system solutions, including The Diamond POWERdepot™ with up to 19' of carrier width -- the largest shelf capacity in the material handling industry.


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