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BSI’s model for Organizational Resilience is built upon its more than 100 years of experience.

In today’s global business climate, the ability of an organization to anticipate, prepare for, respond and adapt to change and disruptions is more important than ever. In fact, these skills are a must if the organization is going to survive and prosper.

This is where the idea of “organizational resilience” comes in. Organizational resilience reaches beyond risk management towards a more holistic view of business health and success — a strategic imperative for an organization to prosper in today’s dynamic, interconnected world. Mastering organizational resilience takes time, and requires the adoption of excellent habits and best practices to deliver business improvement across all areas of an organization.


What does a resilient organization look like?

A resilient organization is adaptive, agile, robust and competitive. By harnessing its experience, such an organization has the ability to handle changing circumstances swiftly and successfully, and demonstrate accountability across organizational structures. Resilient organizations have a culture of trust, transparency and innovation, as well as agile leadership that can take measured risks with confidence and respond quickly and appropriately to both opportunity and threat.

BSI can help

BSI believes that an organization must focus on three critical elements to develop resiliency: product excellence, process reliability and people’s behaviour. The organization has also identified three domains where achieving organizational resilience is important: operational resilience, supply chain resilience and information resilience.

BSI’s model for Organizational Resilience is built upon its more than 100 years of experience, and its interactions with tens of thousands of clients each year across the globe. The company is eager to share its insights with customers through its broad range of relevant standards and business services.

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BSI Group Canada Inc.

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