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Vibra Finish can provide the expertise needed to determine the most appropriate process, machine, media and compounds.

Vibra Finish has the capability to offer mass finishing services, enabling many parts to be finished simultaneously. Thanks to its resources and expertise, the Mississauga, Ont.-based vibratory finishing company can take on any type of mass finishing project. The result is high-quality parts that are clean, polished, and free of burrs, grease and rust. Though mass finishing is also used to deflash, deburr, descale, burnish, radius, brighten, surface harden, break off die cast runners, or prepare parts for additional finishing processes.

Selecting the right method and machine

There are several types of mass finishing processes and machinery to choose from, and the type selected really just depends on the nature of the parts to be finished and the desired result.

For example, there is an option between tumble finishing (also referred to as barrel finishing) and vibratory finishing. Both types use a cyclical action that creates grinding contact between surfaces. A finishing medium is typically added, but the workpieces can also be finished against each other.

In tumbling machines, for example, parts can be tumbled with or without media. These machines are well suited for aggressive cutting and producing shiny polishes. They are also effective when it comes to working on edges and rounded corners. Vibratory machines, on the other hand, are suited for shaking parts and media at high speeds. They provide very smooth finishes, even in parts with holes and deep recesses, and on delicate parts. Vibratory finishing machines are powerful, yet they don’t place any undue stress on the parts. They are safe for large parts like wing spans and landing struts.

Mass finishing can also be dry, or it can be wet, which involves using lubricants, cleaners and abrasives.

Mass finishing expertise

Because of the random action of mass finishing processes, it is as much an art as it is a science. Vibra Finish can provide the expertise needed to achieve the desired results by helping to determine the best process, machine, media and compounds.

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