REDwire Masking protection products available in many materials and temperature ranges

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The caps, plugs, tapes, discs and tubing available from MOCAP come in many materials, shapes and sizes.

MOCAP’s line of masking products can meet a wide range of masking requirements because of the large variety available. The caps, plugs, tapes, discs and tubing that make up this family come in many materials, shapes and sizes, and are available in single-use and multi-use varieties, so customers can be sure they will find a product to meet their exact needs.

The lineup of caps and plugs includes:

  • Paper: For a low cost, environmentally friendly solution that is both tough and flexible, paper caps and plugs are the perfect fit. This option, which is recyclable, is often used as an inexpensive and disposable, single-use masking cap for painting and coating processes, or for protection of a thread or port during shipping or storage. Paper caps and plugs can withstand temperatures up to 204 degrees C.
  • Vinyl: High temperature vinyl plastic masking caps and plugs are made of special high temperature-resistant vinyl material capable of withstanding temperatures up to 246 degrees C. This material also offers flexibility, allowing the single-use caps to seal both round and odd-shaped items in applications such as painting and coating.
  • EPDM: EPDM rubber caps are used to seal parts of many shapes against powder coating, plating and E-coating processes, and can be reused in certain applications. In addition, they can resist chemicals and temperatures up to 149 degrees C.
  • Silicone: The company’s silicone rubber caps and plugs combine quality and high performance for use in painting, powder coating, chrome plating and E-coating processes. These units are reusable, and can withstand temperatures up to 316 degrees C.

In addition to its comprehensive line of caps and plugs, MOCAP offers polyester tapes and discs that can resist temperatures up to 218 degrees C for one hour. Polyimide tapes and discs, which are also available, resist continuous temperatures up to 260 degrees C for one hour, or short exposures up to 370 degrees C. These tapes and discs are easily removable and don’t leave behind any residue. Another option is Silicone X-Treme Tape, designed to resist temperatures up to 260 degrees C. This tape creates an air- and water-tight seal, and leaves no residue once removed. Silicone rubber tubing is also available for use with masking studs, pins and other round objects that require a longer length than standard silicone caps. The tubing is non-staining, can resist temperatures up to 260 degrees C, and can be reused.

To learn more about its portfolio of masking products, contact MOCAP.



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