REDwire Manufacturer works with many materials to meet the needs of multiple industries

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L. & M. Precision Products has the capability to work with ECO Brass, a high-performance, lead-free brass.

L. & M. Precision Products has been producing custom precision-machined products for 55 years. Over this time, the Toronto-based company has gained extensive expertise in machining different materials, from metals and plastics to lead-free brass.

Materials used

L. & M. has the capability to work with stainless steel, aluminum, copper alloys, titanium and steel, as well as nylon, teflon and other plastics. In addition, the company can work with ECO BRASS (C69300), a high-performance, lead-free brass that offers high strength comparable to stainless steel, but also has excellent machinability, forgeability and corrosion resistance equivalent to commercial bronze. In addition, stress corrosion cracking and dezincification are not a concern when working with ECO BRASS. This material is ideal for use in PEX fittings, stop valves, ball valves, commercial faucets, residential faucets and many more products.

Outside processing

L. & M. also works with certified sub-contractors when finishing processes, such as nickel plating, tin plating, electroless nickel, zinc plating, magni coating, chrome plating, black oxide, silver plating, anodizing and heat treating, are required.

A comprehensive offering

L. & M. Precision Products uses these materials to produce nuts and bolts, welding components and assemblies, connectors, fittings, fasteners, bushings, washers, spacers and threaded parts, as well as components for appliances, plumbing, electronics, instruments and more. Its capabilities enable it to meet the needs of a wide range of industries, from the aerospace, appliance, automotive and consumer products markets, to the electrical, electronic, food and beverage, hardware and health-care sectors, and many more.

For additional details on its capabilities and the materials it can work with, contact L. & M. Precision Products.


L & M Precision Products Inc

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