REDwire Manufacturer selects Filtermist for food spraying machines

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Each machine is fitted with 24 separate disc sprayers and a stainless steel FiltermistXcel2 FX4000.

A manufacturer of machinery for the food and beverage industry developed a new food spraying machine and required an oil mist collector. The machine applies different coatings (releasing agents, fats, oils and flavours, etc.) directly onto food products and into baking trays, and uses two main principles of operation to apply the coatings — spinning discs, which evenly coat the entire food product, and spray nozzles for directional coatings. Both methodologies create airborne mist that needs to be removed for hygienic and cross-contamination reasons. 

The manufacturer selected Filtermist oil mist removal units for its new food spraying machine. Each machine is fitted with 24 separate disc sprayers and a stainless steel FiltermistXcel2 FX4000

The FiltermistXcel2 extraction units use centrifugal impaction to remove the residual mist and ensure the machines don’t become sticky or gummed-up with the old coatings. Internal vanes are rotated at high-speed to impact against the mist droplets, condensing them back into a liquid as they are drawn through the extraction unit and safely deposited into waste outlets. 

For this application, the units are manufactured in stainless steel for its easy cleaning and extreme anti-corrosive properties. Filtermist worked closely with the customer to determine the correct extraction levels for each type of machine. Extraction airflows range from 180 m3/hour up to 2,750 m3/hour. 

“Filtermist took great care selecting the right extraction unit for each application, and these have been totally reliable from day one,” the customer’s managing director explains. “We have never had a problem with any of the Filtermist units in the field. They perform well and we’re happy to continue using them."

Filtermist provides a world-leading range of filters and coolant control products together with the most advanced and effective solutions available for removal of oil mist and other airborne contaminants. All Filtermist products are supplied with a comprehensive warranty and optional maintenance agreement. 

Filtermist is available through Etobicoke, Ont.-based AMT Machine Tools. Contact AMT Machine Tools for more information.  


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