REDwire Manufacturer sees dramatic decrease in product damage with material handling solution

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Hytrol is just one of a growing list of high-quality international suppliers represented across Canada by Norpak Handling and McKessock Conveyor Solutions.

Material handling solutions are the ideal investment for companies looking to increase productivity, decrease repetitive strain injuries and automate some of their tasks. As a provider of high-quality conveyor products and solutions, McKessock Conveyor Solutions, operating under the Norpak Handling banner, has endless examples of how its lineup of products has helped customers.

One such example is a major manufacturer of plumbing fixtures that had been using wheel carts to move greenware product throughout its production areas prior to final firing and shipping. The manual handling involved in moving and placing the unfired porcelain pieces resulted in a high level of product damage, in addition to repetitive strain injuries caused by the constant bending and stretching involved in the operation. Another issue: the process was slow.

The company required a new solution that would reduce product damage and eliminate worker injuries caused by repetitive bending, straining and stretching (thus lowering compensation claims). It also wanted to streamline manufacturing processes while improving productivity. 

The manufacturer chose a solution involving zoned accumulation conveyors — Hytrol ABEZ style with adjustable zone length and programmable dwell — to carry product from station to station throughout the assembly area. A conveyorized smart car is then used to transfer completed assemblies to a series of accumulation lines prior to entry into the kiln for final firing. 

The results were significant savings. The company’s production rate increased by 60 per cent, and it saw a dramatic decrease in product damage resulting in almost total elimination of product re-work costs. In addition, the team has been steadily decreasing incidence of task-related injuries.

Hytrol is just one of a growing list of high-quality international suppliers represented across Canada by Norpak Handling and McKessock Conveyor Solutions. For more information on the Hytrol product line, contact McKessock Conveyor Solutions


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