REDwire Manufacturer sees big savings after Exel North America installation

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Exel North America installed the Kremlin Cyclomix Micro 1+1 PH system at Allwood Products' facility.

Allwood Products had a goal. The manufacturer of office furniture, health care and beauty salon products wanted to eliminate hand mixing and hot potting processes of post-catalyzed lacquer in its facility — processes that wasted five litres of mixed product each day. The company was looking for a new meter and mixing system that would increase production, decrease solvent usage and deliver a high-quality finish. But Allwood couldn’t do it on its own.

Sherwin Williams, the coating supplier, worked with Exel North America’s Canadian location to present and install the Kremlin Cyclomix Micro 1+1 PH system and several Flowmax pumps. The result was an easy-to-use system that provided increased efficiencies. 

Six months following installation, Allwood hadn’t experienced any production downtime, and the company was able to shave 45 minutes off of startup and shutdown procedures. The solution also allowed the customer to decrease maintenance activities — they are flushing the system only once a day versus three times daily with the previous competitive equipment. But the savings don’t end there. Allwood has also decreased its lacquer consumption by 20 per cent. 

Thanks to the Kremlin Cyclomix Micro 1+1 PH system, Allwood now runs a trouble-free finishing operation that delivers a consistent quality finish, and Exel North America helped yet another customer achieve its goal. 

Exel North America designs, manufactures and commercializes Kremlin Rexson equipment for the application of fluid products for the automotive, wood and plastics markets. To learn how the company can help you achieve your next goal, contact Exel North America



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