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The Curliflex spiral-cut wrap is available from Cords Canada.

The proper clamps, clips, wraps and holders can make wire management a breeze. Cords Canada is the ideal supplier to meet this need, as it offers a wide range of wire management products. The many types available include adhesive backed holders, flat clamps, ladder clamps and more.

Wire management

The wire and cable holder solutions available from Cords Canada include push-mount styles in horizontal or vertical orientations. The two different styles offer an option for applications that require either narrow width or low height. These holders can be supplied with either regular gate closures or latch gate closures. They are easy to install, as they can be mounted using fingertip pressure into a mounting hole. The holders also feature a bayonet mount that will automatically adjust to different chassis thicknesses.

Another solution for bundling wires and cables is nylon ladder cable clamps. These versatile fasteners are easy to adjust, remove and reuse. They offer strength, flexibility and resistance to chemicals and temperatures. These ladder clamps are adhesive backed and available with an optional screw hole.

In addition, Cords Canada can supply the Curliflex spiral-cut cable wrap. The Curliflex wraps on like a tape and will hold wires firmly, but still allows flexibility. The wrap is easy to remove or reuse, and allows branch-outs, break-outs and re-routes. The Curliflex wrap provides protection against abrasion, kinking, curling and vibration.

Special wires and cables

For management of ribbon cables and flat wires, Cords Canada supplies flat clamps. They are moulded from PVC and can be installed either by adhesive-backing or screw mount. 

PVC antenna clips are also available for routing any cable or tubing that is .25 inches in diameter. These clips are ideal for mobile phone installations, as they feature compact design and adhesive backing that will withstand high temperatures.

For more information on wire management products from Cords Canada, visit the company's website.


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