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Auburn Systems intelligent dust monitoring systems are available in Canada from Firing Industries.

When integrating dust monitoring systems in a production facility, it’s important to consider an advanced software system to help manage and organize the resulting emissions data. This critical tool offers many advantages to users in practically any industry.

The features and benefits

Most stock air monitoring control systems do not come equipped with efficient data collection and management functions. This is what sets standalone, parametric software apart from standard solutions. Innovative new software systems can improve the efficiency of emissions reporting in practically any industry, and have measurable and real-world implications down the line for your data collection and overall air quality compliance.

Such software tools are capable of automatic tracking, event logging and data compilation; instantaneous historical data updating and extraction; customizable configuration in accordance with any localized systems or complementary software; immediate reporting for any number of parametric devices in your facility; and streamlined collection and analysis for immense amounts of emissions monitoring data.

Increased efficiencies

The clearest benefit of updated emissions data collection software is efficiency. With these solutions installed, engineers and maintenance staff will no longer have to spend long hours manually logging and collecting emissions data, or creating compliance reports for regulatory bodies. Monitoring software tools completely automate these processes.

Significant savings

Combined with effective triboelectric dust collection systems, dust monitoring software makes it possible for engineers to save thousands annually in maintenance labour and material replacement costs because these systems can anticipate changes and allow engineers to preemptively maintain their systems. This is one of the most valuable assets a facility can use to optimize their emissions reporting processes, manage compliance systems and unify monitoring processes under one application.

A trusted supplier

Auburn Systems is the ideal source for intelligent dust monitoring systems, with its long track record of high-quality reporting innovations and customer support. Its solutions are available in Canada from Firing Industries.

To learn more about intelligent dust monitoring systems, check out the Auburn Systems e-book, “A Guide to Intelligent Dust Monitoring Systems”, or contact Firing Industries’ application-sales engineers at or (877) 688-0974.


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