REDwire Magnetic grippers offer secure handling and high holding forces

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Schmalz magnetic grippers are available in Canada from Wainbee.

For handling applications that require very high holding forces, Schmalz SGM-HP/-HT magnetic grippers are an excellent choice. Available in Canada from Wainbee, these magnetic grippers can reliably handle perforated plates, workpieces with complex laser-cut patterns, sheet metal containing drill holes and apertures, ferromagnetic workpieces and more.

Top features and benefits

Schmalz magnetic grippers offer secure handling by use of a permanent magnet. Multiple models are available, each with a compact, lightweight design and sturdy aluminum housing, so there is a gripper to meet the exact needs of each application. For those applications that require higher holding forces, the units feature a friction ring, which is easy to remove if the application does not require high lateral forces. There is also a model available for high-temperature applications like hot forming processes, for example. In addition, to further meet the unique needs of each application, these units offer the option to connect tooling on the sides of the grippers. Another key feature: piston monitoring is possible thanks to a proximity switch and hall effect sensor.

There are many benefits for users who employ these magnetic grippers. They offer reliable operation, even in applications with a fluctuating compressed air supply. In addition, only a low compressed air level is needed for control, and no voltage source is needed. And, because of the compact design, minimal space is required and several mounting options are available.

A world-class manufacturer

Schmalz is one of the world's leading manufacturers in automation, handling and clamping technology. Wainbee is proud to carry its magnetic grippers, in addition to a complete range of the company’s vacuum components and lifting systems. To learn more about its selection of Schmalz products, contact Wainbee.


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