REDwire Machine tool distributor depends on the reliability of Filtermist mist eliminators

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Filtermist units can provide the ideal solution for removing oil mist at the source.

Mills Manufacturing Technology is a highly successful machine tool distributor. The company has an annual turnover of more than £25M and is the fastest growing machine tool company in the U.K. When Mills developed its range of advanced Twin Turret Mill-Turn Centres, it chose to include a Filtermist unit on each machine.

Application details

The TT Series of eight-axis Mill-Turn Machines performs multi-functional high-speed machining with improved cutting techniques, superior finishing and long tool life. As a result, they require coolant delivered at high pressures and flow rates, which produces significant amounts of oil mist. Filtermist technology offered the ideal solution, with the capability to remove oil mist from the air at the source and return it to the machine for re-use.

Filtermist technology

Filtermist units separate oil from the air using high-speed rotating vanes. When oil mist impacts the vanes, centrifugal force pushes oil to the outer case where it drains back to the machine, while clean air is pumped out of the top of the unit. Some of the main benefits of this design are its compact size, low maintenance and high efficiency.

Quiet and reliable

According to the company, one reason it chose Filtermist was because its reputation was riding on the reliability of the mist removal units.

“If an accessory fails in the field, it reflects directly on us and the customer expects immediate help. Therefore, it is absolutely imperative that our suppliers are 100 per cent reliable.”

The company says Filtermist mist collectors have continually met expectations by providing quiet, trouble-free service.

An increasing number of companies are following suit by selecting Filtermist mist eliminators to keep machine shops clean and comply with stringent health and safety legislation. In Canada, Filtermist units are available from AMT Machine Tools. To learn more, visit the AMT Machine Tools website.


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