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Aeroex mist collectors feature unique high-efficiency separation elements with life cycles of more than 10 years.

John Van Wyngaaden recalls a time when the air in his custom machine and welding shop, Flamboro Machine, was so thick with mist, steam and smoke, that he couldn’t see the end of his shop. 

“Certainly it was not good for our health,” he admits. 

For the safety of Van Wyngaaden and the employees at his shop, located just west of Toronto, something needed to be done, and reducing cutting feeds and speeds was not an option. 

First, he installed an electrostatic unit to clean the plant air, but it was obvious that source capture was required. A mist collector using filters was purchased, but during heavy roughing cuts, fine mist, steam and smoke went right through. It was only adequate for the light jobs.

A number of mist collector suppliers were contacted, but Barrie, Ont.-based Aeroex Technologies was selected. The difference, recalls Van Wyngaaden, was the company’s technical expertise and knowledge. Aeroex came in with meters and proved that its collectors worked — and they’re still working. 

The clean air measured near zero mist during the trial period and after one year of operation. It wasn’t until three and a half years after installation that Wyngaaden called Aeroex for filter replacements. 

Flamboro Machine says the units works so well, it leaves them on all the time, just to clean the shop air.

What makes Aeroex mist collectors work so well? They feature unique high-efficiency separation elements with life cycles of more than 10 years. The collectors separate the majority of fluid without filters, and quickly drain fluid to reduce evaporation and odours, while removing mist, smoke and bacteria. The units are suitable for high mist applications, and provide exceptional air quality, as well as low maintenance and life cycle cost.

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