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With Aeroex’s filter technology, rated air flow is normally maintained for two to three years or more.

A modern clean shop is important to Rob Hooper, owner of Regent Tool & Die, located just north of Toronto. The company machines parts for the petrochemical, mineral exploration, mining, construction and automotive industries out of its 16,000-square-foot climate-controlled facility. And, like all machine shops, mist and smoke can be an issue if the proper equipment isn’t used to eliminate it. 

With the purchase of a number of new CNC machines, a major brand mist collector was selected. The performance was unsatisfactory. During heavy roughing cuts, mist and smoke would pass right through, the company says. Filters were plugged after two months, and many times filters weren’t changed, making plant air quality even worse. Replacement filters cost about $200 each, but the yearly maintenance cost could be as high as $1,200 per unit. The mist collector distributor recommended 1,400 cfm units, but the average air flow was less than half.

That’s when Aeroex was called. The Barrie, Ont.-based manufacturer of oil mist collectors recommended its ROX-800 unit at 750-850 cfm. With Aeroex’s filter technology, rated air flow is normally maintained for two to three years or more. 

When the first unit was installed, the operator was pleased with the results. And when Aeroex’s representative returned and took an aerosol reading of the clean air, it was less than 0.050 mg/m³ under heavy roughing machining.  

Regent Tool was so impressed, it decided to replace all of the mist collectors with Aeroex over the year. Plant air has been reduced from an average of 1.6 mg/m³ to under 0.200 mg/m³. 

Today, Regent Tool & Die hardly smells like a machine shop, thanks to Aeroex mist collectors. 

Contact Aeroex to learn how its mist collectors can help your environment. 


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