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Henkel Canada Corporation

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A wide selection of Loctite Instant Adhesives are available that yield very high bond strengths.

Loctite Instant Adhesives are known for their ability to quickly bond a variety of materials, from plastics, elastomers and rubber, to wood, metals and more. Available from Henkel, these one-component adhesives cure at room temperature without the need for heat or light energy, making them simple to use. In addition, they yield very high bond strengths. The result is a versatile, easy-to-use and strong solution that is a top choice for many applications, even those where impact resistance, flexibility, gap filling, low odour or extremely fast curing is required.

The lineup

There is an instant adhesive available to meet many needs.

  • Loctite Premium Surface Insensitive Instant Adhesives provide fixture speeds less than 15 seconds on many substrate materials, such as steel, aluminum, ABS, PVC, polycarbonate, nitrile rubber, paper, balsa wood and phenolic. These adhesives are available in a wide range of viscosities and most offer temperature resistance up to 121 degrees C (250 degrees F).
  • Loctite Light Curing Instant Adhesives, on the other hand, provide fixture speeds in less than five seconds on almost all substrate materials.
  • Loctite Toughened Instant Adhesives and Surface Primers are the ideal option for challenging environments. They provide superior resistance to impact, vibration and peel forces, while the surface priming liquids significantly increase adhesion strengths to many low surface energy plastics commonly used in manufactured devices.
  • Loctite 404 is uniquely formulated to provide strong and reliable bonding to rubber, with fixture speeds of less than five seconds and strengths that reach well beyond the strength of the rubber itself.
  • Loctite Flexible Instant Adhesives, on the other hand, are specially designed for bonding flexible materials, such as the rubber and urethane used in flexible joints and weather stripping.

An industry leader

With these and many more options to choose from, it may be hard for users to know which option is the best for their application. Henkel’s adhesive specialists can help.

To learn more, contact Henkel.


Henkel Canada Corporation

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