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Loctite’s SF 7840 biodegradable cleaner is available in four sizes.

Loctite’s SF 7840 biodegradable cleaner and degreaser meets a wide range of industrial cleaning applications. The industrial-strength concentrate, which contains no hazardous solvents, is strong enough for the toughest jobs, yet can be economically diluted with water for less demanding applications. 

Works hard in the plant, goes easy on the planet

Loctite SF 7840 offers the best of both worlds to industrial plants. It is concentrated for maximum strength, yet it is biodegradable. In fact, it meets OECD 310 requirements for Ready Biodegradability. It is non-toxic, non-caustic and contains no chlorinated or petroleum solvents.

New and improved features

Two new features have recently been added to the cleaner/degreaser. It is now available in a pleasant cherry scent. In addition, it has been specially formulated to not tarnish, cloud or fade the aluminum parts it’s used on.

More information

Loctite’s SF 7840 biodegradable cleaner and degreaser, also known as Natural Blue, is available in four sizes — a 24 fluid ounce bottle, a one-gallon container, a five-gallon pail and a 55-gallon drum. All sizes are available in the new cherry scent. Only the one- and 55-gallon varieties are available fragrance-free.  

The cleaner is available from Henkel, an industry leader when it comes to industrial adhesives, sealants and more. The company provides more than just high-quality Loctite products. It offers solutions to the industry’s biggest challenges. Loctite SF 7840 is just one example of the many innovative products available from Henkel that are designed to make its customers’ lives easier and safer. 

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