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Locomotives require more than just fuel to perform at top speeds. Andrew Merrilees Ltd. shares locomotive maintenance advice to keep businesses on track. Image caption: Andrew Merrilees is the leading locomotive authority that promises to “keep’em rolling”.

Next time you travel the rails at high speeds through the cityscape or countryside on a long-distance train, take a moment to reflect on how this locomotive wonder transports you.

From the air compressors and the braking systems, to the couplers, gears and filters, even the fuel pumps, traction motors (and don’t forget the wheels), locomotives are powerful, complex pieces of machinery designed and built to move powerfully and proficiently for the long haul.

But, trains require more than just fuel in the tank to perform at top speeds.

Routine preservation and patch-ups are necessary for both young and mature trains in order to endure what Mother Nature has in store when delivering both harsh and extreme weather.

Train yourself on train maintenance: become moved on what it takes to keep moving parts on the move that keep people as movers and shakers on a locomotive.

All systems are no go without anti-freeze

Commercial trains have around the clock demands that require constant equipment upkeep. Ensure that your train is properly hydrated with adequate amounts of anti-freeze in its cooling system all year and all season long.

Diesel engines housed in locomotives drink the premium stuff: don’t skimp using regular automobile anti-freeze thinking you’ll save on costs down the road.

Refer to the manufacturer’s anti-freeze solution suggestions or contact a qualified locomotive expert who can recommend the best choice for your particular make and model.

Paint the train red

Or if you prefer your train to be pretty in pink, boldly blue or whatever colour in between, priming the exterior with a paint job is a wise choice that has merits both in form and fashion.

Image is everything: beyond the stylish and sleek look of a freshly painted surface, accompanied by lettering or embossing a corporate logo, rust and discolouration are the train’s scars left behind over time from an unforgiving climate. Cover blemishes up with a professional and polished finish for a great start straight out of the gate.

There’s no symphony without a conductor – same goes for your train

Don’t forget the train conductor who is at the helm of the locomotive’s safe operation.

While driving the train is only one of the many responsibilities of a conductor (in addition to vehicle inspections, supervision of train crew, operation and maintenance of locomotive equipment) the role of the train conductor is an extremely hazardous, labour intensive job.

Because of this physically demanding duty, professional locomotive training for either a new or seasoned driver is always a business decision that is right on track. Consult with a licensed professional specialized in locomotive training that can tailor a program for your specific business needs.

All aboard!

Get your business aboard with Andrew Merrilees Ltd. We’re the nation’s supplier of industry-grade used and rebuilt locomotives, steel rails, crane and structural applications. Our Toronto location is 60 years young with an expanded locomotive division in Laval, Quebec.

Our extensive inventory is unparalleled in the industry as well as our professional locomotive division, armed with experts in air brake, diesel, electrical and mechanical solutions. We also excel in customized locomotive training programs upon request.

Whether your locomotive business needs include consultation, inspection, maintenance or repair, Andrew Merrilees is the leading locomotive authority that promises to “keep’em rolling”.

Get on track with us today or learn more about what we do at


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