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The Restuff-IT machine has four modes of operation to make material handling safer and faster for employees.

Engineered Lifting Systems & Equipment is proud to manufacture the Destuff-IT line of ergonomic end-of-conveyor lift assists. Ideal for use by workers who manually handle floor-loaded product in containers and trailers, this solution makes material handling safer and faster for employees.

Restuff-IT Machine

The Restuff-IT machine is bi-directional, which means it is capable of both unloading and loading product. For loading, there are four different modes to aid workers. These modes can be used to ensure the operator is in control of product flow at all times. There are many factors that determine which mode is best suited for the application. Considerations include the size and weight of the packages, gap distance between packages, belt speeds, the number of operators on the platform, as well as box wall height.

Restuffing modes

Mode 1: The belt is always running and the packages don’t stop at the end of the conveyor. This mode is best suited for very small packages handled by two operators.

Mode 2: This mode is ideal for heavy packages or when the operator is loading near the top of the box wall. In this mode, the belt stops for every package entering the first pair of sensors, and remains stopped until the package is removed from the sensors.

Mode 3: This mode should be selected when heavy packages are being loaded near the top of a box wall and when the gaps between the packages are small. In this mode, the belt stops for every package unless the operator requests that the package is passed through by placing a hand in front of the end sensor.

Mode 4: The final mode is best for lightweight packages being loaded on the lower two-thirds of the box wall. In this mode, the belt doesn’t stop unless the operator requests it to stop by quickly tapping the underside of the rotary handle.

Many advantages

Users can easily switch between modes depending on what and where they are loading. This capability enables operators to experience more throughput and greater handling capacity with less fatigue and muscle strain.

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