REDwire Liquid coating offers excellent long-term protection for surfaces exposed to water

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Denso North America carries the Protal ST Epoxy Mastic, a high solids, fast drying epoxy coating.

As a leader in corrosion prevention and sealing technology, Denso North America carries a wide selection of liquid coatings, including a full range of fast cure, high build epoxies to meet both above- and below-ground corrosion protection needs. The company’s Protal line of liquid coatings includes the Protal ST Epoxy Mastic, a two pack, high solids, fast drying epoxy coating that can be applied directly onto wire brushed rusty steel substrates for long-term protection.

Key advantages

The Protal ST Epoxy Mastic can be used wherever steel grit blasting is not possible, either alone or in combination with other top coats. It offers good penetration and adhesive properties to ensure excellent protection of structural steel, pipe externals, pipe racks, tanks, offshore platforms, locks, gates, bridges and other surfaces exposed to water for long periods of time. It also offers good resistance to impact, acids and alkalis, flexibility, as well as low VOCs.

Another benefit is that minimal surface preparation is required. The user simply preps the surface by removing all loose scale, rust or other foreign matter in accordance to SSPC-SP2 “Hand Tool Cleaning” or SP3 “Power Tool Cleaning”. A high pressure water wash of 3,000 to 7,000 psi is also suitable. If the surface is severely corroded, chipping hammers and needle guns will be required. The surface should finally be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner, compressed air or a clean brush. The steel should have a faint metallic sheen before the epoxy is applied.

Additional information

Denso North America offers the whole Protal family of liquid coatings, which can be applied by by hand or by spray method in high and low temperature environments. The company’s anti-corrosion coatings are great for protecting girth welds, tie-ins, cadwells, fittings, fabrications, repairs to FBE and rehabilitation to existing pipelines, while its pipeline coatings are high build, up to 50 mils in one coat.

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