REDwire The link between motion control and safety

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Vickers-Warnick understands that a safe operation is essential to the well-being of workers, as well as for overall productivity.

Modern manufacturing facilities are quickly evolving into more complex, highly sophisticated automation cells. Motion control tools — motors, drives, servos, steppers, actuators, etc. — are vital to production, but they also pose risks to operators around them. This requires a variety of safety features within those motion control tools, such as limit switches and I/O channels.

A value-added distributor and integrator of applied solutions for machine safety and guarding, machine control and sensing, and motion control, like Stoney Creek, Ont.-based Vickers-Warnick, works with companies to wade through the myriad of motion control solutions available to find the right fit for your operating, precision and budget requirements. The company brings significant professional experience in assisting you with the sizing, specification and programming of servo, stepper and precision gearing products utilizing the latest in software tools. The team can also help you select the linear or rotary actuator system best suited for your individual motion control application.

And because they’re also machine safety experts, they’ve got you covered.

“We understand that a safe operation is essential to the well-being of workers, as well as for overall productivity,” the company says. “We offer solutions ranging from custom-designed physical guards, made from our quality brand of aluminum structure (DARLEX), to electronic light curtains, ergonomic safety mats, and wrap around guarding solutions for machines with complex geometries.”

Vickers-Warnick provides effective, integrated sensing and machine control solutions that increase productivity and reduce waste and costs. Contact the company to learn more. 


Vickers-Warnick Ltd.

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