REDwire Lincoln Electric’s diesel-driven welders excel in field welding applications

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SAE-300 MP engine-driven welders are ideal for pipe welding operations in the field.

SAE-300 MP engine-driven welders from Lincoln Electric feature high efficiency, dual current control and pure DC generators. These welders are ideal for meeting the numerous challenges involved with pipe welding operations in the field.

Many features

SAE-300 MP welders are rich with features. One key attribute is the Temperature Stabilization feature, which eliminates the need to adjust for ambient conditions or during warm-up. Another feature is the built-in CV output contactor, which eliminates the need to install a separate wire feeder module. In addition, an on-board block heater is included as standard to handle cold environments, while an OCV Boost function helps with starting and low amperage welding.

These welders have hand-built pure DC generators. Thanks to all-copper winding and flat DC output, they provide a smooth and stable arc, helping to avoid cutouts and expensive repairs. Pure DC generator machines like this have been proven to stand up to the abuse of field welding applications over decades, with low maintenance and high resale value.

The dual continuous current control allows adjustment to meet the unique needs of each pipe joint. Operators can use the coarse control to set a digging, penetrating arc for root beads or a soft arc for stacking iron on fill and cap passes. Then the fine control can be used to adjust heat input or arc sensitivity to suit the fit-up and orientation of the weld puddle. These adjustments can also be made by a helper using a remote control.

These features result in maximized quality and efficiency, as well as minimized repair times and control costs for pipeline construction and maintenance.

Long-lasting performance

Pipeline construction and maintenance projects often involve a lot of mileage, and these welders offer the benefit of going longer before needing to stop and refuel. The tank on these welders is almost 50 per cent larger than comparable welders from competitors, proving longer run times, better efficiency and cost savings. They can be used for all types of welding processes, including TIG, MIG, stick, flux-cored and gouging.

More information

These welders are available with two engine options: either a Perkins 403F-15T diesel or a Kubota D1503 diesel.

For more information on these engine-driven welders, contact Lincoln Electric.


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