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Point level switches from Hawk are used for all types of applications.

Thermo-Kinetics can supply the Gladiator Series of point level switches from Hawk. The selection includes models that use a variety of measurement technologies to suit all types of applications.

Point level switches

The different types of switches available include:

  • Admittance switches: These units offer versatility for detecting the level of liquids, slurries or powders. They use a capacitance or admittance measuring method to detect levels between the probe and the container wall. This type of switch can handle harsh industrial environments and is immune to product build-up.
  • Conductivity switches: These products can be used for most applications involving conductive liquids. Some examples include paint, paper, chemical, oil and gas, pharmaceutical, food and beverage processing, and water/wastewater treatment plants.
  • Vibration switches: These switches can be used for many types of liquids and solids. Some typical applications include pump control, level alarms and material interface detection.
  • Rotation switches: These products utilize a slow speed synchronous geared motor to drive a vane. They are used in all types of containers to provide safe, multi-level monitoring, and can be used as point switches with any bulk material or powder.
  • Microwave switches: These units offer point level switching for solid and liquid material presence or absence. They can be used for applications where the material to be monitored will absorb microwave energy.
  • Acoustic switches: These are used for blocked chute detection. These non-contact, self-cleaning switches utilize a new sender/receiver form of acoustic wave technology.
  • Pump protection switches: These units are suited to applications requiring pipe or wall mounting with as little protrusion as possible. In addition, these switches can be used to detect liquid presence and ensure pumps never run dry.

More information

These level switches are manufactured by Hawk, a global market leader known for its cutting-edge equipment. For more information on how to get the ideal level measurement solutions, contact Thermo-Kinetics.


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