REDwire Laundry services provider relies on Miura boilers for energy savings and efficiency

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Up To Date Laundry employs multiple strategies to reduce its carbon footprint, including using three LX-200 natural gas-fired boilers made by Miura.

Up To Date Laundry is committed to green principles of energy conservation and sustainability. The company, which services more than one million pounds of laundry per week for the health care and hotel industries, employs multiple methods to reduce its carbon footprint. Among these many initiatives is the company’s use of three LX-200 natural gas-fired boilers made by Miura, the world leader in ultra-low NOx modular on-demand boiler solutions. 

“Miura boilers heat up quicker, provide steam more steadily, and deliver more versatility,” explains Ken Weiman, chief engineer of Up To Date Laundry. “The steam is used in heating water. Also all of the ironers and presses are heated with steam, as well as some of the dryers.” 

Miura boilers are microprocessor-controlled for precision operation, and employ a unique “once-through” fin-tube design that heats a smaller volume of water more efficiently than conventional boilers. This design enables the boilers to generate full steam from a cold start in five minutes or less. In fact, Weiman notes that Up to Date’s Miura boilers enable the entire plant to be at a working pressure of 125 psi in under 10 minutes. This on-demand steam capability enables the boilers to be turned on or off as needed to efficiently manage changing load conditions, as opposed to idling in standby and consuming energy. The combination of microprocessor-control technology and on-demand steam also conserves fuel, saving an average of 20 per cent annually on energy costs over other boiler designs for typical installations. 

“Miura boilers provide a tremendous amount of efficiency,” notes Weiman. “For such a small boiler to put out such a large volume of steam so rapidly, on-demand, is incredible. During a break or if there is a rapid fall-off, the boilers take care of themselves. They will either shut down or go to low fire on a standby system. I don’t have to have someone here all night watching them on low fire. With a simple push of a button they are off, and with another simple push of a button they are on again. Just with fuel savings and manpower savings alone we shave several hours off each day.” 

In addition to the on-demand steam and energy-conservation benefits, the boilers also output reduced levels of nitrogen oxides (NOx), a major contributor to air pollution, as well as carbon dioxide (CO2 ), the most prevalent of greenhouse gases. 

“We are totally happy with our Miura boilers,” says Weiman. “People see them and say, ‘How do boilers that small provide so many advantages?’ I just tell them, ‘They do!’ With Miura boilers, we don’t have a complaint in the world.”


Miura Canada Co. Ltd.

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