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The TruTool TSC 100 is easy to handle, and only requires one person to operate it.

When support slats on laser cutting machines are clean, process stability and finished part quality are improved. Trumpf’s TruTool TSC 100 support slat cleaner can help. Available in Canada from Dobco Equipment, this critical cleaning tool has best-in-class features that help ensure a reliable, trouble-free clean.

The details

The TruTool TSC 100 slat cleaner removes accumulated slag very thoroughly — even on the sides of the slats and in hard-to-reach spots in between. The unit easily adapts to different slag thicknesses up to 25 millimetres on a range of materials, including mild steel and aluminum. Even stainless steel slag is reliably removed. The unit can clean support slats ranging in thickness from two to 3.9 millimetres, with a minimum spacing of 33.5 millimetres between the slats. In addition, the slat cleaner has a high working speed of four to eight metres a minute.

The TruTool TSC 100 is easy to handle, and only requires one person to operate it. In some applications, this can be done while production is ongoing. On flatbed laser machines with a pallet changer, for example, cleaning takes place while production is running, which means the slats don't have to be removed.

The unit is also able to clean selectively, which means it can be used on any specific area and then removed.

The result

Thanks to these many features and advantages, the TruTool TSC 100 allows users to clean support slats on laser cutting machines quickly and reliably, while saving money at the same time.

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