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Cords Canada carries a wide variety of bushings.

Cords Canada is a major supplier of millions of industrial components for a broad range of industries and almost any application imaginable. Among its many offerings are bushings

Snap bushings

These bushings are made of nylon and designed to convert raw-edged holes to smooth, neat, insulated ones. They are used to mechanically protect, insulate and isolate telecommunications and electrical cables, utility lines, tubing, hose and rope. The bushings can be snapped into holes with fingertip pressure thanks to special locking “fingers”. Available in a wide range of diameters, heights and thicknesses, they come standard in black, though other colours are available depending on the quantity needed. Snap bushings for thicker panels are also available, with the ability to withstand a push-back force of 35 pounds. In addition, shorty bushings are available to accommodate a smaller chassis thickness.

Open/closed bushings

These black nylon bushings are designed for side entry and encirclement of pre-assembled harnesses, capillary tubes or other units that have sections larger than the bushing’s inside diameter. They can also be assembled into holes already containing cable or tubing. Fingertip pressure is the only thing required to snap these bushings into place, forming a complete circle and insulation barrier against the raw edge of the chassis hole. These bushings are available in a wide range of diameters, heights and thicknesses

Universal bushings

Designed to absorb vibration, cushion and insulate cables, tubing, hoses or shafts, universal bushings feature flexible shutters that adjust to accommodate and support any shape. Like the other bushings, these are made of nylon and easily lock into the mounting hole with simple fingertip pressure. Universal bushings are also available in a “shorty” version, ideal for a thinner chassis thickness.

Armour bushings

Used at the entrance to flexible metallic conduits or armoured cables, armour bushings insulate and protect electrical wires from being cut by rough conduit ends. They are also used in holes where space is limited, and through which ropes and steel cables pass, to prevent chafing, cutting or scraping. Armour bushings feature a chamfered lead-in for a speedy installation. 

Bearing bushings

Bearing bushings are known for their quick and simple assembly. They feature an axial slot, which helps maintain proper fit and compensates for temperature or humidity changes. The ideal operating temperature for bearings ranges from -40 to 93 degrees C (-40 to 200 degrees F). They are rated for loads up to 8,000 PSI and speeds up to 2,000 feet per minute. 

More information

Cords Canada also carries “labkits” — an assortment of bushings ideal for product design departments, experimental labs and prototype work. 

To learn more about its complete lineup of bushings, contact Cords Canada


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