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Daemar's selection of hydraulic seals means it has the capability to meet the needs of many applications.

Daemar’s lineup of hydraulic seals includes many different types. From loaded lip seals and piston seals, to wear rings, wear strips and more, the company’s wide selection of seals means it has the capability to meet the needs of many applications.

Loaded lip seals

Loaded lip seals are a versatile, multi-purpose product because they can be used as rod or piston seals. They are designed for significantly improved performance.

Piston seals

These two-part seals provide bi-directional sealing without any lubrication required. They are easy to install and remove, and can be cut in the field for even easier installation.

T seals

This compact unit is an excellent alternative to bulkier types of seals in a double- or single-acting application. It is ideal for use in reciprocating hydraulic and pneumatic equipment, and in high-pressure applications.

Wear rings

DMR wear rings, made of glass-filled nylon, eliminate metal-to-metal contact and the subsequent galling and scoring of cylinder bores and rods.

Wear strips

Designed to eliminate scoring in hydraulic and pneumatic applications, wear strips are manufactured from PTFE and a fortified 40 per cent bronze material to prevent metal-to-metal contact. They are supplied in continuous rolls, and are ideal for use in reciprocating, rotary and oscillating motion environments.

U cups

These units are self-sealing on both the inside and outside diameter. They are most often used for sealing rams or rods, and are very popular due to the small gland space required.

Piston cups

Primarily used on piston heads, plungers or rams in hydraulic or pneumatic service, piston cups are known for their low cost and excellent service life.

Additional seals

Daemar also carries a selection of rod and metric wipers, v packing, backup rings and buffer rings to meet its customers’ hydraulic seal needs. To learn more about the products available, contact Daemar.


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