REDwire Lapp products offer performance and flexibility in industrial machinery

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Lapp products are rugged enough to withstand the demands of industrial machinery.

Manufacturing environments are often complex and demanding. The machinery, and the components used with this machinery, must be able to withstand the challenges associated with these environments, from temperature variances to caustic chemicals. Lapp’s extensive line of wires, cables, cable accessories, industrial connectors and strain relief cable glands is up for the challenge. These products are suited for industrial machinery because they provide the high level of performance and flexibility that complex manufacturing environments require.

Cable selection

Lapp manufactures a range of superior, cost-effective cables suited for industrial machinery. The lineup includes:

  • ÖLFLEX 190: This multi-conductor cable has a PVC jacket that is highly oil-, coolant- and solvent-resistant. It is ideal for control and power applications in an industrial environment, as well as for use in all electrical equipment under dry, damp and wet conditions.
  • UNITRONIC 300: This rugged, multi-conductor, low-voltage control and signal cable is designed for the internal and external wiring of OEM equipment in industrial applications. The cable has an oil-resistant jacket that is pressure-extruded for improved flexibility and easier installation.
  • ÖLFLEX VFD Slim: This reduced-diameter shielded motor cable is designed for VFD drives. It incorporates the Lapp Surge Guard insulation system, which features a semiconductive layer made to withstand non-linear power distortions and to disperse increases in voltage caused by wave reflection, spikes, in-rush current and harmonics.

Cable glands, connectors and conduits

Lapp also manufactures cable glands, connectors and conduits that are suited for use in machinery. The selection includes:

  • SKINTOP non-metallic and metallic glands: These durable, liquid-tight, easy-to-assemble strain relief cable glands are suited for all types of machinery.
  • Industrial connectors: EPIC industrial connectors offer a reliable performance and a secure electrical connection.
  • Conduits: SILVYN RILL PA 6 is a flexible, non-metallic conduit ideal for automation applications because it offers resistance to liquids, oils, gases, acids and solvents. SILVYN RILL PA 12, on the other hand, is a continuous-flex, non-metallic conduit that is also resistant to liquids, oils, gases, acids and solvents.

To learn more about Lapp’s selection of products suitable for use in machinery, visit the company’s website.


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