REDwire Lapp Group offers an easy-to-use multi-cable bushing system

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Lapp Group offers multi-cable bushing systems that are durable, versatile and easy to install.

Lapp Group can supply the Skintop Cube as part of its product line of strain relief cord connectors. This innovative multi-cable bushing system offers a number of benefits, including easy installation, excellent strain relief and durability.

Easy assembly

The Skintop Cube system consists of a frame and flexible modules. It is easy to put together, as the split modules may be inserted into the frame in any direction, and there is no need for special tools, sealants or lubricants. This design also simplifies cable maintenance, as there is no need to remove the frame from the enclosure. Instead, each cube can be individually removed. In addition, the cube modules can be preassembled with cables, minimizing any preparation at the point of installation.

Excellent strain relief

The flexible cube modules provide effective sealing on all four sides, which provides secure locked protection. In fact, it provides a seal with an IP64 rating. The Skintop Cube is also resistant to oil, grease, ultraviolet rays and ozone, so it provides durable industrial cable protection.

Reduced inventory

Another benefit of the Skintop cube is that it helps reduce parts inventory. That's because two cube frames and four module options can accommodate up to 10 cables with outside diameters ranging from four to 16 millimetres.

More products

The Skintop product line is renowned for quick installation, durability, optimal sealing, vibration-proof protection and a large variable clamping range. In addition, these strain relief products offer easy gripping and resistance to impacts at low temperatures.

Also available from Lapp Group is the Skintop Click snap-in-place strain relief and the Skintop Click Flex cable insertion system. Visit the Lapp Group website for more information.


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