REDwire Lapp cables reduce costs for supplier of cleanroom technology

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M+W Group uses Lapp cables for most of the devices it manufactures for export.

The M+W Group is one of the world’s leading suppliers of cleanroom technology. At its Stuttgart, Germany production site, high-tech devices are manufactured primarily for the electronic, life science and automotive industries, in uncontaminated environments. Of course, the company is only satisfied with cabling that meets the highest standards. 

That's why M+W Group uses Lapp cables for most of the devices it manufactures for export. Lapp Group offers a comprehensive range of UL-listed cables for North America that also comply with the new NFPA 79 standard. This places a number of restrictions on the use of AWM (Appliance Wiring Material) cables. To avoid a production ban in the market where its precision air conditioning devices are employed, the M+W Group takes no risks and employs fully certified cables from Lapp. A further advantage of these is they do not have to be fitted in closed systems. As a result, cabling costs are up to 40 per cent lower.

The semiconductor industry has very strict standards regarding the cleanliness of the production environment. Temperature and moisture levels must also be precisely controlled for individual process stages, such as the lithography of the sensitive wafers. ÖLFLEX tray cables control a device that examines the structures on the wafer. In addition, ÖLFLEX CONTROL TM cables are employed to operate the lateral channel blower, which pumps air on to the lens at high pressure and speed to ensure a consistent temperature.

UNITRONIC 300 CY data cables are fitted in the transmitter boxes for the temperature sensors. The programmable controls for the box software also rely on UNITRONIC BUS cables. Furthermore, the M+W Group chooses Lapp for its industrial connectors — the EPIC industrial connector is certified for compliance with both European and North American standards.

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