REDwire Lapp cables cut costs in production of flow measurement devices

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The new Badger Mod-MAF M 2000 transducer uses the innovative SKINTOP CLICK cable gland from Lapp.

Badger Meter Europa GmbH in Neuffen, Germany is the market leader in the area of magnetic-inductive measuring devices. Just like everywhere in the industry, Badger is under enormous pressure to reduce costs. And thanks to a Lapp innovation, it has managed to optimize its production costs.

The new Badger Mod-MAF M 2000 transducer uses the innovative SKINTOP CLICK cable gland. The assembly time is significantly reduced because SKINTOP CLICK is simply clicked into the easily deepened drilled hole and the nut is quickly turned to the left. Then the cable is fed in, the domed cap nut is turned shut and that’s it — a much faster approach than conventional systems. The cable is fixed, centred, protected against vibrations and pulling, and hermetically sealed. The faster assembly time works out as a $3 savings per unit. For Lapp customers, this means a time savings of up to 70 per cent for assembly, which also means lower costs and the opportunity to be more competitive.
Badger also relies on Lapp Kabel for other measuring devices.

In most flow measurement devices, the transducer is positioned directly on top of the transmitter. There are also devices in difficult-to-reach environments where the transmitter and transducer are positioned far apart. In these situations, UNITRONIC CY PIDY (TP) data cables ensure the safe transport of signals that are susceptible to interference. The UNITRONIC CY PIDY (TP) offers double protection — single-screened pairs of wires and an entirely copper-screened network. It is also flame-retardant in accordance with IEC 60332-1-2. UNITRONIC CY PIDY (TP) is suitable for both fixed installations and for flexible uses in dry and damp areas. This means that data is optimally protected from outside influences.
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